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Saman (Tehran, Amsterdam)

Saman is a versatile artist who seamlessly integrates images (تصویر, taswir), text (شعر), performance installations, and videos into her multidisciplinary practice. Her work delves into the somatic movements of hands and palms, exploring their connection to daydreaming and poetry. A distinctive aspect of Saman’s art lies in the juxtaposition of movement and struggle, serving as a poignant manifesto.

In Saman’s poetic realm, hands become a symbolic mirror reflecting the enduring fire of the soul. Her creations are marked by a profound fascination with fire and heat. With a background in theater and dramatic literature, Saman earned her BA from the Art University of Tehran and continued her studies at the SNDO Art University of Amsterdam.

Saman has exhibited her work in both Tehran and Amsterdam, engaging in collaborative projects with fellow artists in these vibrant artistic communities.

Fire is not a methaphore, Fire is a manifesto




Rising up from the flames to the horizon of the heat and revolution .
 How do hear the fire of the edges , how do we dance the manifestos and the poems of our long living fire .

Choreography and concept:
Saman Mahadavi
Yukino abiko,
Isabel Dao

Sanam Maroufkhani

Pomegranate garden



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Solo piece , how the garden look likes from where you are ? A story between Saman and Samantha , Samantha born the same day in a village in Netherlands , when Saman born in Tehran. The story of the garden is about migration and dissociative space , and the trance garden of pomogranate.

choreography concept and performance:
Saman Mahdavi
Hooman Ghavidel

continues cities , continues bodies



manifesto piece for the memories and songs, with 4 performers behind a banner.

choreography concept and performance: Saman Mahdavi
Billy Morgan ,
jakob Wittkowsky,
Lucas Lagomarsino





A solo performance Inspired by Greek methadology, eating raw flesh, worship of Dionysus.
Cooking a soup with the palm of the hands . In collaboration with Erfan Khalaghi ,hooman Ghavidel,Mojtaba Tahvaie

Red lollaby of the kidney beans



A solo piece inspired by the shores and the poem of Hafiz The waves run high, the night is clouded with fears, And eddying whirlpools clash and roar; how shall my drowning voice strike their ears whose light- -frighted vessels have reached the shore?
What do we see by the sea?

Choreography, concept & performance: Saman Mahdavi
Music :
Negar Ghaffari

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